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Publications (selected)

* = correspondence author
Jiang S*, Cao J, Colditz GA. (2024). Functional partial least squares with censored outcomes: Prediction of breast cancer risk with mammogram images. Annals of Applied Statistics. 18(2), 1051-1063. [DOI]
Jiang S, Bennett DL, Rosner BA, Colditz GA*. (2023). Longitudinal analysis of change in mammographic density in each breast and Its association with breast cancer risk. JAMA Oncology. 9(6), 808 - 814. [PMID][DOI]
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Jiang S*, Colditz GA. (2023). Causal mediation analysis using high-dimensional Image mediator bounded in Irregular domain with an application to breast cancer. Biometrics[PMID][DOI][Software
Jiang S, Cook RJ*. (2022). The polytomous discrimination index for prediction involving multistate processes under intermittent observation. Statistics in Medicine. 41(10), 3661 - 3678. [PMID][DOI][Software
Jiang S*, Cao J, Rosner B, Colditz GA. (2021). Supervised two-dimensional functional principal component analysis with time-to-event outcomes and mammogram imaging data. Biometrics. [PMID][DOI][Software
Jiang S*, Cao J, Colditz GA, Rosner B. (2021). Predicting the onset of breast cancer using mammogram imaging data with irregular boundary. Biostatistics. 24(2), 358 - 371. [PMID][DOI][Software
Jiang S*, Xie Y, Colditz GA. (2021). Functional ensemble survival tree: dynamic prediction of Alzheimer's disease progression accommodating multiple time-varying covariates. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics). 70(1), 66  79. [DOI[Software

Jiang S, Cook RJ*, Zeng L. (2020). Mitigating bias from intermittent measurement of time-dependent covariates in failure time analysis. Statistics in Medicine, 39(13), 1833 – 1845. [PMID[DOI]

Jiang S*, Cook RJ. (2019). Score tests based on a finite mixture model of Markov processes under intermittent observation. Statistics in Medicine. 38(16), 3013 – 3025. [PMID] [DOI]

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