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MARS version 1.6 includes the following functions: 

1. mammogram summary 

2. mammogram alignment (single/batch processing)

-full field digital mammograms

-digital breast tomosynthesis (and synthesized 2D) 

-digitized film mammograms 

3. real-time mammogram spot pin-pointing ​

Please cite the following papers if MARS is used in your project:

1. Jiang S*, Cao J, Rosner B, Colditz GA. (2021). Supervised two-dimensional functional principal component analysis with time-to-event outcomes and mammogram imaging data. Biometrics. [PMID][DOI]

2. Jiang S, Bennett DL, Rosner BA, Colditz GA*. (2023). Longitudinal analysis of change in mammographic density in each breast and Its association with breast cancer risk. JAMA Oncology. 9(6), 808 - 814. [PMID][DOI]

3. Chen S, Bennett DL, Colditz GA, Jiang S*. (2023). Pectoral muscle removal in mammogram images: A novel approach for improved accuracy and efficiency. Cancer Causes & Control. 35, 185 - 191[PMID][DOI]

Mammogram alignment and registration system

[Mac and windows app available]
[requires ~4.38GB of storage]

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